Why Choose Us


Movement testing; a supplement to orthopedic testing. An objective way for the doctor and patient to easily tell when and where the body is broken or fixed.

Motion Palpation

With a skilled set of hands, this technique takes the guess work out of chiropractic adjustments. We know where, how and when not to adjust your joints.

Active Release Technique

Labeled as The Gold Standard in Soft Tissue Treatment, ART is a hands-on method for fixing adhesions or scar tissue around muscles, tendons and nerves.


Got a stubborn condition? FAKTR could be the game changer for you. An instrument assisted cross fiber massage technique done while provoking your complaint.

LightForce Healing Laser

We have the state of the art in tissue healing lasers. Soothing and completely safe, our class IV deep tissue laser gets you better! Faster!

TMJ Treatment

We know the jaw, how it works and how to fix it. Exceptional, conservative care does exist for a painful, tight or clicking jaw. Don't talk about surgery until you've seen us.

Rehab Exercises

Unique strategies for retraining proper movements are given to each patient. When you are a part of the team, you get better, faster and stay better, longer!

Functional Taping

We use RockTape because its the best. We place it on they body where it needs it to retrain the brain. Its crazy, but it works and you will feel it instantly.