The TemporoMandibular Joint (TMJ) is between the jaw and the skull. It performs highly complex movements as the mouth opens and closes, and is one of the most mobile and complicated joints in the body. Because of these complex movements, the TMJ is quite susceptible to dysfunction, pain, clicking sounds, locking and even headaches.

Cumberland Chiropractic and Sports Medicine offers an effective, conservative approach. Examination must assess jaw motion, teeth occlusion, cranial nerves and posture. Treatment of TMJ Dysfunction (TMJD) may include releasing tension of the proper jaw muscles, in some cases mobilizing the jaw or manipulating the spine and then retraining proper jaw motion with specific rehabilitation. The goal of treatment is to restore proper stability and movement patterns of the joint.

Some cases of TMJD require consultation with a dentist or orofacial specialist to create a splint. Certain cases, detected by specific testing, still may require surgery. Current literature suggests, however, that four weeks of conservative care should be attempted before having surgery.

Hope does exist for a clicking jaw, headaches or a painful joint, even if the problem has persisted for years.  For more information about TMJ dysfunction or treatment options, call or email us.