Patients choose Cumberland Chiropractic and Sports Medicine because they want to get fixed, not mask their pain with medication or temporarily put a band aid on it. We deliver by way of the most effective treatments in the office and home care exercises, unique to each patient  that “rehabilitate” the movement pattern or posture that caused the problem. After an assessment has been made and both doctor and patient understand the goal of treatment we set out as a team of doctor and patient to retrain the brain, lengthen tight muscles, or strengthen a weak area.

Functional Rehabilitation (Rehab) incorporates exercises, stretches and activity avoidance, modification, or recommendation. Poor movement patterns are a result of poor posture, improper lifting mechanics, muscle imbalance or injury. These improper patterns overload and stress muscles, ligaments and joints, producing your pain. They also show up as signs of wear and tear on x-ray (osteoarthritis).

To learn these procedures, we continuously learn and  train alongside some of the top rehab therapists in the world, from all disciplines including Physical Therapists, PhD’s in Spine Biomechanics, Medical Doctors, and Chiropractors. When you are ready for relief, give us a call.