Our chiropractic and sports medicine clinic prides itself on providing the latest technology available such as Active Release Technique®, FAKTR Technique® and Class IV Laser Therapy.  These highly effective techniques are only brand names without a great orthopedic and functional diagnosis to know where and how to apply them.  That’s how our patients get RESULTS!

SFMA stands for Selective Functional Movement Assessment.  The top functional diagnosticians in the world assemble each year to nail down the best orthopedic and functional tests to diagnose movement problems.  We utilize and stay current with the SFMA in order to relieve our patients of their current pain and then objectively tell each patient when their function has returned.  Finally, a way for doctor and patient to easily tell when the body is “broken” or “fixed”.

Orthopedic Diagnosis:  Worried where to go when you hurt because you don’t want to talk to a surgeon, but then again you don’t want to miss something serious?  Rest assured, we are the right place to start for an accurate diagnosis.  We utilize a detailed orthopedic examination, in-house digital x-ray and send out for advanced imaging when needed. If you need to be in another physician’s office, we can communicate clearly with them so your transition is seamless and your time and money are never wasted.