Motion Palpation is a technique for both assessing and adjusting the spine and extremities.  Cumberland Chiropractic and Sports Medicine is part of an elite network of chiropractors certified by the Motion Palpation Institute (MPI).

The technique is like a functional microscope for determining if a joint or group of joints is working properly, is too loose or is too stuck.  With a skilled set of hands, it takes the guess work out of where to perform a chiropractic adjustment.

The technique is also a method of spine and extremity (foot, hip, elbow, etc.) manipulation that is “joint friendly”.  The directors at the Motion Palpation Institute are constantly studying through research and clinical experience the detailed way that joints were intended to move.  The latest findings are then applied to this ever evolving and maturing technique.

With a better understanding of where and how to perform a chiropractic manipulation, we can offer you the most effective and safest option available for joint problems.

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