At Cumberland Chiropractic and Sports Medicine, we have a passion to help the athletes of our community perform at their best and stay injury free. We offer programs, free of charge, to County Rec League, Middle School, High School and College teams including:

– ACL Injury Screening & Prevention
– Shoulder Injury Screening & Prevention
– Dynamic Warm-up Routine Analysis & Instruction

Non-Contact injuries plague many sports teams. From chronic pulled muscles to career ending ACL tears during a rebound. Substantial research and clinical experience has shown that these injuries can be minimized with the right knowledge and training. Key knowledge provides two things: a trained eye to pick out who is susceptible through functional assessments and then prescribing the right program to rehabilitate the poor patterns that make that athlete vulnerable.

ACL injury screening procedures are available for jumping and hard-cutting athletes to help predict and avoid problems with this all-too-commonly torn structure. Female jumping athletes are the prime target for this screening due to their tendency for hip weakness and knee instability.

Shoulder injury screening is utilized for all “overhead” athletes. Sports include baseball, softball, volleyball and tennis. Our assessment easily picks out those athletes who will have or already have shoulder problems due to shoulder blade or shoulder joint dysfunction.

It is great that teams have a warm-up regimen before games and practice, but many times this warm-up consists of stretching cold muscles and the routine doesn’t functionally apply to the sport. A dynamic routine that activates the stabilizing structures of the body and warms up the musculature before a stretching routine is available for local teams to prevent injury and optimize performance.

What’s the catch? Why do we do this for free? Two reasons:  One, we love our community and local sports and want to see them WIN, pain free. Two, the more people that we help, the more established Cumberland Chiropractic and Sports Medicine becomes as the place to go for conservative care for sports injuries.

If your team is simply concerned that too many athletes are having surgery, we are too!  Do you as a coach or parent wonder if treatment exists that is effective enough to keep more athletes out of surgery?  Physical therapy has its place, but the combination of great physical therapy, chiropractic and Class IV Laser Therapy is the State of the Art, and that’s what we do!  Call us and let us help your team gain the edge on the competition.