The Shoulder: Quite the Common Denominator

In this edition of An Ounce of Prevention we will talk about how you can avoid a MULTITUDE of injuries by checking in on the status of your shoulder and shoulder blade.

A quick and easy test for yourself is shoulder abduction.  To set you up for success, stand up, get tall and keep your palms forward.  Raise one arm at a time straight out to your side and then up by your head.  See if you can get your elbow to your ear without pain or great restriction.  That’s it!  If you pass the test, stop reading or send this article to a friend. If you fail, read on about why your shoulder is tight or painful and why you need to have us fix it.

The first and most obvious problem would be a rotator cuff injury.  When the shoulder’s ball and socket joint repeatedly pinches tendons around it, you fray or inflame those tendons.  You need to get yours fixed quickly, and if yours is torn less than 50%, Cumberland is the best place to get it fixed.

Another reason would be that your middle back is stuck slouched.  If that is the case, don’t blame the shoulder and don’t wait until the rotator cuff is damaged as it overworks.  You need a great chiropractor and a foam roller to fix this problem in your spine.

If you fail the shoulder abduction test, it is a sign that something is broken about how you move.  Your check engine light is on.  We call this series of articles “An Ounce of Prevention”, so you might know to have yours fixed and prevent neck, shoulder or arm pain from leaving you stranded.

Thank you once again for reading!

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