The Hip Bone’s Connected to the Back Bone

Kind of corny, I know, but the old song “Dem Bones” that says, “The hip bone’s connected to the back bone” is SO true.  Every low back pain patient that comes into my office has a hip problem of some type.  It’s that important!  I will tell you some strategies in this article that could help your back problem or prevent one in the future.

Simply put, if your hips are too stiff, your back will weaken.  The number one reason for a weak core is stiff hips, not lack of exercise.  Consider bending over to tie your shoes.  If your buttock muscles are too tight for the motion to happen at your hips then your back gets over flexed every time to accomplish the task.  While walking, if the front of your hip and thigh is too tight, your back will be forced into extension with each step in order to maintain a full stride.  When your spine is bent in one spot too many times, much like a coat hanger, it gets weak and injured.

To help your own hips, you must be picky to find and perform stretches that isolate the hips and are safe on the back!  My patients learn exactly what part of their hip tends to tighten up so they can perform one specific stretch to get better faster and prevent injury after being released.

Somehow, dentists and our Moms have convinced us that we should brush our teeth at least twice per day to fight cavities.  I would like to submit to my readers that our spines are AS important as our teeth.  If this story of hip stiffness and back injury applies to you, give us a call! You and your back will be glad you did!