“Sciatica”: A Real Pain in the Butt

If I had to choose one condition that people struggle with for years but never get fixed it would have to be “Sciatica”.  It technically means pain along the sciatic nerve, down your buttock and back side of the leg.  The problem is that way more of the cases I see are not caused by the sciatic nerve at all.  The vast majority are due to “referred pain”. Sciatica

Here is a short list of common causes of referred pain:

• SI Joint sprain
• Glute Trigger Point
• Hamstring Myofascitis
• Trochanteric Bursitis
• Vertebral Disc Annular Tear

So, why are so many people stuck with this problem for so long, even after treatment by M.D., P.T. or D.C. (chiropractor)?

The biggest reason is because the pain is not usually where the problem is.  The pain is only a check engine light.  It takes a careful examination by a passionate physician to look past the pain and find the pain generator.  Another reason is that the worst cases have to do with a “chain” of problems.  If you look carefully at this guy on the right, his foot is causing his pelvis to twist, which then is pulling on his opposite hip, causing pain down the leg.

Hard cases are our specialty at Cumberland Chiropractic and Sports Medicine.  Our model of care is to study and apply the best diagnosis and treatment strategies learned from all fields of health professions around the world…literally.  If you have been struggling with “sciatica” or “referred pain”, give us a call.  We’d love to help.